Diwali ?✨

Diwali is festival of lights , happiness and also togetherness ! We dress up , we pray , we light up those crackers with a smile on our face !

But among this chaos we forget ,bliss to our ignorance that among all the lighted houses there’s one house , truth is darkness doesn’t just elopes their house but in their life’s ! A family trying to save up for a meal to their kids , a kid who watches other kids buy fireworks from his father who’s saving the money to send his son to school . And an old man who worked his blood and sweat for his sons so their dreams to come true but in the end loneliness is what he feels looking at other families reminiscing his days wondering where has he gone wrong as a lone tear escapes through his eyes!

Don’t you think one smile , one day from your busy life for them might bring at least a small ray of brigntness lifting the darkness ? – Nikitha rao ♥️


Storm ☁️

Numbness that’s all it felt before the excruciating pain took over slowly creeping up on the heart

it’s almost claustrophobic , overwhelming ,and gut wrenching that keeps you screaming for it to stop .

The senses are almost lost . Even the ground that holds you doesn’t support for very long oh it’s just the start .

That’s soon overcomed by the only feeling that almost felt right burning through those veins like a scorching fire

Rage . Anger . you name it ,the lust to destroy anything and everything that was used to be once reminisced .

These storm of emotions swirling inside slowly but utterly and completely drowning you . Wrecking ,almost everything that you once believed in .

Lost . Leaving nothing but an empty shell of a numb, emotionless, broken , fragile oh so human behind .

Hoping that one day she’ll be strong . One day there’s a rainbow blossoming after an ugly Storm.


The places that was supposed to remind those happy memories do nothing but haunt .

The words that were supposed to be swoon worthy are now nothing but cringy .

The future that was planned together is nothing but on a piece of paper that’s soon gonna be ashen.

Love . Trust . Relationship . Feelings that were once supposed to make you feel alive are now long forgotten .

Funny how things change .

Funny how there’s someone responsible for it .

Funny how one can turn into realist from a hopeless romantics .

Funny how the one you have no intention to intervene with is the one who taught a lesson of lifetime that you can’t forget about.

Funny how you are no longer the person he once fell in love with .


Happiness may be an emotion , but a scarcity to some.

Loneliness may be for a period of time but a lifetime for the one’s surrounded by none .

Depression, darkness, and of course society are the only things they want to run from.

Rejection, pain , betrayal , judgement are their inner demons they fight with.

But against all these odds they survive,

With each battle they conqeur they come out stronger than any knight

With each demon they kill , they become their own saviour in their fights .

But they need to over come their fright before they take a flight 👀


Don’t we all have the , feeling to win, feeling to fly and strive,. That it’s almost overwhelming to describe.

But as always there’s something that pushes us back and pulls us down ,. But for which the reason is always known.

As darkness lurks around making it almost difficult to lead. But when the hope ignites it’s never too late to carry on your lead.

Drowning is how you feel when your misled But when your determined to take what you seek, you’ll always swim back to carry on your path you led .

But if we aren’t will powered and courageous as we speak ,. You’d always drift away from the path of your future that it held !


Let me be the light to guide you , even through the darkness .

Let me be the air you breath, when things start to suffocate you .

Let me be your moon , so you can shine so bright.

Let me be the warmth you need , when someone’s being cold .

Let me be the path to lead , for you to reach the destination.

Let me be the hand you reach , so that you over come your fear .

Cause baby,

I wanna be the reason you smile .

I wanna be the reason your alive .

Never would want to see you cry , even if it means for me to lie .

So let me be a part of you , as your already a part of mine ❤️

Mama and Papa bear ❤️

They didn’t find her annoying,when she was bawling her eyes out in the middle of the night .

They didn’t call her a loser ,when she used to trip and fall .

But now she finds them annoying,just because they know what’s good for her ?

She now feels embarrassed,just because the pamper and call her names they adore ?

Hopefully she comes out of her senses and spends her time with them a little more , show them how much she loves and is grateful for.

Before it’s just too late to let them know !